Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Opening Game Bobble Head Announced!

In a press conference held last night by Shockers management, it was announced the that the kick-off of their debut season will take the Rinque by storm this coming month. They boasted that a well rounded team will make them a competitor, unlike most new expansion teams.

The fans will have several reasons to cheer and idolize their favorite team and players alike. Not only will fans now have a hometown team to cheer for but fans will benefit from collectible memorabilia that will be available at almost every game of the regular season.

"We'll start the ball rolling with our first bobble head action figure of none other than star defense man and a superb humanitarian, Jeff Jasmin," announced team owner, George Gillette.

Since the announcement, collectors have been buzzing and several online discussion boards have broken into a free-for-all frenzy where some memorabilia resellers are taking pre-sale orders without guarantees to the paying customers that they will actually receive a bobble head. With the unlimited amount of transactions taking place online and only a limited amount of bobble head (sources say, as many as 100 were made), we could witness one of the largest sports memorabilia cases of fraud in existence and which could even land Jasmin in jail as an accomplis. This reporter finds it strange how the law could twist enough to see Jasmin face up to 5 years in a maximum security jail, however numerous police have reassured that this is possible and have also stated they will take down anyone who will get in their way.

"This is bulls***! The five-oh just want to push me around, but they have another thang comin'! As yal see by my playing style, I push back!" Jasmin responded to these outrageous cases of finger-pointing.

We will have to see as game one comes around the corner.

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