Monday, June 23, 2008

Blues Finish Second; Shockers on Stand-by

Last night's 4-1 loss to the Outlaws wrapped up the season for the division one Blues. A game that saw Shockers captain, Alain Godard and guardian of the bread basket, Giancarlo Capaz, make an effort to capture the cup got ousted by the fourth seeded Outlaws. Outlaws completed what can only be described as a roller coaster of a season where they sat in the bottom of the standings from the get-go and yet pulled off a huge win taking out first placed Huskies and then the Blues in three games to take home the cup.

Even though Godard remained off the score sheet, Capaz picked up the slack making huge saves in all three periods.

"I made some pretty big saves but there are just some goals that squeezed through, it's tough to save them all," Capaz mentioned in a phone interview after the game.

A detail worth mentioning is the absence of forward, Andrew Stevens, who was MIA for the game. Suspicions circled around him sustaining injuries in game two where team doctors had noted him as being day-to-day. Other rumors spreaded that he had been held back by Shockers trainers to keep him healthy for the upcoming season. Stevens, uncharacteristically, opted not to comment on his whereabouts.

With the Blues season out of the way, the Shockers wait for the call from league officials to get the start on Wednesday. NABHL management have yet to release details on the summer season and have not confirmed if the season will start this Wednesday, June 25th or if it will start next Wednesday, July 2nd.

In the meantime, more rumors are floating around about offers made to the Shockers management. Carlo Varano, Blues power forward, had approached the team looking for a possible contract as well as defensive big-boy Dan Forgione. The Shockers camp did not confirm nor did they deny that talks did occur and it is even more in the dark if anything will even come out of the talks.

"We are a full team as it is and this is for sure going to be our squad for the upcoming season. We are already pushing the limits with the number of players we have and I just can't see us being able to make more room under our salary cap," shrugged Godard.

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