Friday, September 12, 2008

Season opener: Monday September 15th @ 7:30

Team Shocker will be facing the Decepticon this coming Monday @ 7:30 EST.
The Shocker’s 2nd edition team will be competing in the intermediate division of the NABHL.

Returning captain Alain Godard is looking forward to the challenge “It was our first season, it was a bumpy road but we’ve learned some valuable lessons from it. We’re ready for the upcoming 16 game season and I give my words to all the fans, they should expect nothing less than %110 effort from every one of us”.

When asked about the fall edition rosters, assistant captain Marc Boucher had to mention the team lost some big pieces “I’ll be honest, on August 24th, when we lost in the first round of the playoffs, I felt like shit… And a few minutes after, I got the news, the Diabo Bros and Jon [Sante] we’re not coming back, it felt like a got kicked in the koosh”. Boucher went thru a depression but seems like he’s been gaining wood recently “Yep, I cried myself to sleep for a while, but now I’m back and I’m ready!”. Shockers have lost some guns, but they feel the D improved in the off-season and managed to fill the open spot up front.

Hamelin was still sour about his last season but was happy about the off-season signing. [Hamelin] “We struggled at D last year, but we got rid of the road apple [referring to the self-centered ex-Shocker, Greg Emmaunel] and replaced him with top notch players, we’ll have a stronger D that’s for true”. The experts also pointed out that the Shocker’s will have a much better D-squad with the addition of McDermott and Pilon. Jasmin, Boucher and Hamelin we’re all rookies and will come in with a bit more experience.

Jasmin has been following his training program rigorously. Bench press, bicep curls and a whole lot of heavy drinking. “I’m strong as a horse and drunk as a skunk” stated the big number 26. Jasmin performance last year was definitely a pleasant surprise for Shocker management. Late draft pick that turned out to be a success story. Jasmin was signed long term before last season, “management did a great move with that signing” those were Stevens (A) words of wisdom.

Goaltender Capaz will be getting more help from his D but some people have doubted his conditioning. Capaz will also be playing in the DMBHL and experts think his knees might not be able to handle the work load. [Capaz] “That’s plain stupid, my knees have so much calluses from the carpet burns I could play without pads”. Shockers are expecting nothing less than another year of stellar performances from their netminder.

Shockers attack lines have yet to be decided, they need to form two good lines with the following squad: Alain Godard, Andrew Stevens, Benoit Ducharme, Nick Sullo, Kosta Kastrounis and latest addition Goppy Sandhu. Shockers will definitely need to improve their face-off win %, what will be the lineup for the first game? The last drawing on the board showed a line formed of Stevens – Ducharme – Godard and another one with Sullo – Kastrounis – Sandhu. Coaching staff will have to find good chemistry and two good scoring lines. “We’ll get the input from the players, their preferences and try to accommodate everybody but the team comes first” stated assistant captain Stevens.

Until then, keep your eyes on the ball and your stick on the floor kids…