Monday, September 22, 2008

"45 minutes, not 30"

Final Score
FW 8 - Shockers 4

In a game where there Shockers came to play 30 minutes instead of the full 45 they were handed their first loss of the season by the hands of FW, 8-4. FW, who have been questionable as to why the Summer 2008 finalists were not moved up to Elite, came out strong passing around the flat-footed Shockers and netting six in just the first period.

"We didn't look too good out there, I have to admit," commented captain, Alain Godard.

" looked like we were going to get mercied at one point, definately not a highlight start for us," added goal-saving sensation, Giancarlo Capaz.

The Shockers realigned their Che in the second and third and managed to keep FW to just two goals while they netted three of their own.

"They are a good passing team and we didn't cover our men in the first. We figured it out for the rest of the game but it was alittle too late for us to make the big comeback. Next time we have to play 45 minutes, not 30," illustrated Godard.

Amongst the Shockers goalscorers was again the first line trio of Godard, Stevens and Ducharme where they combined for 6 points on the night as well as some action from the back where new-comer, Gary McDermott scored his first as a Shocker and Francois Hamelin picking up an assist.

The question that has been hovering around Le Rinque is: where is the Shockers production from the second line? Nick Sullo has been kept quiet by opposing teams after he has a fairly good season this past summer. Kosta Kastrounis has been silenced to just one assist thus far. The solution might be just a player away as the Shockers have not been able to solidify the last remaining spot on the second line. We've seen Steve Diabo and Jonathan Sante fill in the void this season and only Diabo was able to get on the scoresheet, however, Diabo made it clear that he could not sign on full-time. Team management is still looking to find the missing piece to completing the puzzle.

"We need someone who will be able to help out Kosta and Nick. These guys have a good eye for the ball but we need a good guy to set them up," detailed Godard.

Next game is on Monday, September 29th against the Outcasts where the Shockers hope to redeem themselves and pick up a win.

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