Friday, November 20, 2009

Shockers Put Subzero On Ice

Final Score
Shockers 5
Subzero 3

Chalking up the Shockers' third victory in the last four games, El Capitaino, Francois "Big Slapper" Hamelin is feeling much better about how this team has turned around a rough start this season: "We're finally getting a better feel out there on the floor and the guys are working hard. Good things are happening. OLE!"

The Shockers were eager to win this game and make it two wins in a row but what was another incentive was the fact that speedy-man Mike Minkiewicz's brother, Steve, was sitting on the other bench. Steve, who currently leads Subzero in points was looking to give his little brother a run for his money, but in the end Little Mink stole the show was a couple of goals and an assist or two to add to his point total.

Also making his mark thisgame was Frankie "Minute Man" Ortuso who pounded home two goals, one of which wizzed by goalie Andrew Caruso and the other was an empty net goal. This was Ortuso's third game of the season after missing a few games due to a groin injury. "My groin is still killing me but when I was out of the floor I felt like I was flying on a unicorn of mystic powers," stated Ortuso after the game.

Amongst the pair of goals by both Minkiewicz and Ortuso, the other goal came from Andrew Stevens who had seen a lot of playing time last night. "Frankie was hurt and he gave it his all out there so he changed often but we always told the guys that if they're tired, get off. It is better to get off than to try stay on an not be effective. I didn't mind the playing time but at the end, I was pretty dead," chuckled Stevens.

Shockers did move the ball out of their zone quickly and were rarely jammed in their zone for the most part. There was a lot of impressive plays made by Francois Hamelin who is still riding the high of his first goal and Gary McDermott who has been solid all season of defence. "We're moving the ball out well and we're making those important break out passes. That's how we'll need to start out our attacks," added Greg Emmanuel.

Despite all the good news, the Shockers have still not seen the scoring touch of Alain "Duck Tails" Godard. He is thus far 7 games into the season without a goal and is one of the few Shockers who remain goaless.

"He's been getting some chances but he's got to be a little more selfish and take those shots," commented Stevens on Godard's playing.

"Hahaha, yeah, it's not going so well," chuckled Godard.

"Attend! Quand il va casser la glace! Check lui, il va ĂȘtre en feu" added line-mate Ben Ducharme.

With the Shockers making it two in a row, the team looks to make it three when they face the Kennedy Crew next Thursday @ 11:30pm. The Kennedy Crew is currently 1-3-0 according to the very up to date PTM website, but experienced the taste of winning in their most recent game against the Hawks which begs to wonder if KC is turning their season around as well.

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