Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THE 10 Q's: Andrew Stevens

We're shaking things up a bit and stepping away from the seriousness of the usual pre-game/post-game postings with a new segment we're calling The 10 Q's.

We take 10 of the best questions we received from fans and curious blog enthusiasts and picked a random Shocker to fill in the blanks for us.

This week is none other than left winger, Andrew Stevens.

Q1: What got you started with the Shockers?
A1: I was part of the conception of this team so if you take Alain Godard and make him the mother of the Shockers, I was one of the fathers that hit that and I've been ruining that ass ever since.

Q2: Who has the strangest pre-game preparation in the dressing room?
A1: I'd have to say either Francois Hamelin or Frankie Ortuso. Hamster because he enjoys taping his jock strap on before every game, usually the tighter, the better. Blue balls before the game lets him play with more of an edge. Ortuso, because he makes these faces that remind you a bit of Bill Cosby while he talks about pulling his groin muscle.

Q3: If you were to get ridiculously plastered with one of the Shockers, who would it be?
A3: Definately not Jeff! I'd like to keep my asshole its current size. Jeff gets a little frisky after double Appletons. There is actually a myth about Jeff, he once walked outside with an erection, sadly, there were no survivors.

Q4: In your opinion, which Shocker would make a terrible father?
A4: Capaz. If he wouldn't get his kid drunk every day before going to daycare, he would probably lose his kid's college fund in a poker game and then bet his kid on black in roulette.

Q5: Tug of war between Joey Rae and Mike Rossi, who would win?
A5: Oh nice! The classic battle between David and Goliath. Undertaker and Kane. Little People Big World and John and Kate Plus 8. I'd have to go with Joey.

Q6: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Corey Hart in a race around the world, who would win?
A6: Corey Hart is a sly fox but not sure how he would fess up about finding his way around when it is dark if he plans on wearing his sunglasses at night. But then again, can Bret even see out of those pink glasses? They're not even glasses, they're like cardboard cut outs!

Q7: Ramen noodles or Kraft Dinner?
A7: All over the Kraft Dinner! Soaks up the alcohol nice and is smooth when barfed up.

Q8: Do you call it "getting head" or "making throat babies"?
A8: Throat babies!

Q9: If you weren't playing hockey for the Shockers, what sport would you look into joining?
A9: I'd like to get into MMA fighting but I'm not sure about taking punches to the face. I'd have to be huge like Brock Lesner, untouchable like George St-Pierre and black from the waist down.

Q10: You have Irish and Ukrainian blood in you, people say that you actually live in a state of drunkenness all the time. True or false.
A10: I wouldn't say state of drunkenness but rather a state of ecstasy and euphoria. Some people smoke and fly, I'd rather drink and drive. I'm not condoning drinking and driving but definitely makes traffic a whole lot more fun!

Watch Stevens this coming Thursday as he and Shockers take on the Kennedy Crew in their attempts to make it to 500.

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