Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shockers are Victors in Pre-Season Match-Up

It was the first time in over two months that the Shockers reunited to play hockey. Gearing up for another thrilling season this fall, the Shockers called on The Wild for a friendly pre-season dogfight. The Wild, another D division team who will be in the Sunday league, is head-manned by friend of the Shockers' Gennaro Giarrusso (pronounced John-Renaud John-Russo).

Shockers narrowly pulled off the victory 5-3 against the speedy Wild but what was important was that they actually didn't come off as rusty as expected.

"We were a little all over the place and some guys were huffing and puffing near the end but it felt good to be out there again," commented newly elected captain, Francois Hamelin.

Among the players dressed was Andrew Stevens who has been holding out on re-signing with the team with the only reason being, "for personal reasons." Stevens netted two goals last night and seemed at home with long-time line mates Alain Godard and Ben Ducharme but still gave no word about his return to the line-up.

"No comment," added Stevens agent, J.P. Barry.

Also in the line-up was former bruiser, Dwayne Pilon, who has aspirations to return to the team after a long absence.

"I was busy with work and other activities outside of hockey but I want to make sure that the Shockers know I'm here for them if I'm needed," explained Pilon.

Hamelin was approached by the press about the current Shocker line-up and he replied that he was faced with new challenges. There are two players who had confirmed for about two months that they were part of the team and since this past week have now dropped out of their contracts. Speedy forward, Mark Gamboz, had announced to team management that he was unable to commit to a full season for an unexpected reason. Also bailing on the team is new-comer (and go'er), Nick Petosa who left the team high and dry due to a personal reason which was not released to the press. Team management did announce that they were currently testing the market to fill the voids created by Gamboz and Petosa but with the clock ticking quickly until the new season, it will be interesting what Hamelin and his crew decide to run with.

More news to come in the coming days...

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