Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shockers Take Season Opener

Final Score
Shockers 8
East Side Squad 2

The Shockers were a bit skeptical about how they would be able to perform on a much larger surface than the Rinque but did not seem to lose a step during last night's game against the East Side Squad in their PTM debut.

Chris Diabo led the charge with a 4-goal dominance, making the defense look like pylons on most of his goals. Ben Ducharme had a 2-goal game to pop his PTM cherry as his line-mates Alain Godard and Andrew Stevens each grabbed a goal for the road. Two road goals to-go and we're Shockers so we can't pay for them!

Giancarlo Capaz, desipte having about 4 shots the whole game let in two goals that were shelved on him from the slot. The Drunken Clam was still content with his performance and the performance of his team.

"I played great. You played great. WE ALL PLAYED GREAT!" exclaimed Capaz after the game in his drunken rage.

The Shockers will be challenged next week as they will face Hellenic Republic of Park-X on Tuesday, June 9th @ 9:30pm. Look for a familiar face who will be making a jurassic comeback, Greg "Glory Hole" Emmanuel, will be suiting up in the 2-in-the-pink-1-in-the-stink for his first game in over three seasons. He was a healthy scratch for last night's game where the line-up was filled in by the Green Giant himself, Gary McDermott.

Also projected to make his season return is Steve "Big Baller, Shot Caller" Diabo who sat out last night's game after he suffered a knee injury in game two against the Purple Cobra's in the winter '09 season. He was the head coach for the Shockers last night and kept everything running smooth behind the bench despite not having his ice chips and fedora hat. To cover up the void, nobleman, Jon "Rotten Guch" Sante, filled in the BBSC shoes for the night.

Catch the Shockers in game two of the summer season next Tuesday and check back for the game recap right here on the blog!

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