Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Capaz and Diabo Shine in Shockers Shutout

Final Score
Shockers 3
Hellenic Republic of Park-X 0

Hellenic Republic of Park-X were seriously looking to put a ball in the net...any net for that matter as they were shutout last game against the Thundercats in week one. The Shockers coming off a huge 8-2 win in their PTM debut against the East Side Squad last week looked to keep the goals pouring in by the bucket loads.

Last night, making their first PTM's appearances were Greg "Lidstrom" Emmanuel and Steve "Big Baller, Shot Caller and for you and your friends it's BBSC" Diabo.

The BBSC was teamed up with kid-brother Chris "Kid-Crosby" who has been nothing but a goalie's nightmare and Chris "Millar Time" Millar, who has been an intimidating character as he has been scaring off the other teams with his muscles and recitals of lines from The Hulk. Despite, Chris Diabo dropped a deuce last night, BBSC was pretty silent in the goals department.

Lidstrom coupled up with veteran and former winner of the Mo-Lester B. Person award, Francois Hamelin. Lidstrom gave a valiant effort and played a fairly solid game where little got by...if anything.

The Shockers opened up the scoring short-handed when Kid-Crosby Diabo jammed on the brakes and laced a slapper in the back of the net. The goalie didn't have a chance to wet his pants let alone blink as the ball whipped by him faster than Taco Bell in a digestive tract.

The second goal was scored by Marc "The Claw" Boucher on the powerplay as the Shockers were dominating with pristine scoring chances. The Claw's howitzer boomed itself through traffic and past the goalie and he celebrated with a Captain Morgan-like arm in the air.

The third goal, and the nail in the coffin for the Republic, was Chris Diabo getting his second of the game as he blasted it off the faceoff top shelf. The goalie, once again, dumbfounded by the shot looked like a totem pole....see what I did there, I dropped in some Native American paraphranelia in a story about a Native dude...clever ain't it.

Up by three, it was all up to Giancarlo "Drunken Clam" Capaz to seal the deal and followed through with it. Capaz posting his first and hopefully not last shutout this season in a stellar performance against the Republics attempts at attacking the caged phenom.

The Shockers light up the stage next Tuesday against Vendetta who got pummeled against the Raging Bulls 8-0 in week one of the season. The Shockers should not let their guard down so easy against them as Vendetta will look to put on a stronger outting than the last one.

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  1. No mention of the best player in the game....Jeff.