Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shockers Snake it in Shootouts

Final Score (OT)
Shockers 6
Purple Cobras 5

Shockers are off to their best start in Shocker history going now a perfect 3-0 thus far this season. The full-time additions of Donald Toohey, Steve Towell, Chris Di Sensi, Chris Diabo and Steve Diabo have made a giant impact in the way this team has been playing this season and is making a name for the Shockers in the NABHL.

Toohey, who after last night's game, is the current scoring leader of the Rockstar conference with 4 goal and 9 assists has been posting impressive numbers each and every game and has shown that he can setup mostly anyone with a goal.

Towell, who leads the conference with the most goals has displayed a rocket-powered shot with the accuracy of a chinese ping-pong champion. He has not disappointed the team's management.

Both of these gentlemen were fairly busy last night as these combined for 7 points (3 goals - 4 assists) exlcuding Towell's game winner in the shootouts.

The Shockers jumped out of the gate with a 3-0 first period; dominating most of the game play and getting some big saves, courtesy of Hollywood Capaz. Toohey, Towell and Alain Godard each with a goal and an interracial relationship of assists between the three.

Second period brought on some penalty trouble for the Shockers and seemed to have jump-started the Purple Barney-suited Cobras. Jon Chicas and Michael Zell posted each a goal before Chris Diabo replied with his 5th of the season. The Cobras would battle back picking up two goals in less than 40 seconds from Eric Lefevre and Dan Harroch respectively. But with about a minute left in the frame, Towell would shine it up, put it on a tee and lace one past goalie, Aaron Blauer, to give the Shockers the go-ahead.

The Third period hosted a bukkake more penalties drawn by Purple Cobras diving around the rink worst than an olympic swim team and was reminiscent of the antics of the NHL's big pest, Sean Avery. Chris Di Sensi fell victim to a disgusting call by the referee for interference. Ben Ducharme picked up two minutes for a roughing call after he cleared out one of the Cobras d-men into the boards. Chris Diabo was penalized on a bogus call from the ref for slashing and then got thrown out of the game after he head butted an opposing player in the face with his helmet during the after-whistler festival of name-calling and glove-sharing. Despite the penalties, the Shockers had a chance to put it away when Toohey fired a howitzer on net and found its way on Andrew Stevens stick with the empty net, but a diving Blauer would catch a break and introduced his paddle to block the shot. Soon later while the Cobras were enjoying the endless powerplay, Yaron Schwager scored his first of the season to tie the game with a little less than 4 minutes left.

The game would go to shootouts. Marc "The Claw" Boucher who had a lot of success last season in shootouts was stoned on by a sprawling Blauer. Steve Diabo made it look easy as his deke was successful to get the goal. Steve Towell had no problems putting the Cobras away as he shelfed on Blauer. Capaz, solid as always in shootouts, did not disappoint and stopped both Cobra attempts.

Next game is on Monday against the Warriors at 6:30pm. The Warriors were at the bottom of the barrel last season but picked up some key players near the end that made a huge difference. This season they have split decisions thus far losing 6-5 against the Huskies and then winning last night in shootouts 6-5 against the Decepticons. Their big guns are #5, Jonathan Cyr (3G-3A) and #7 David Traverse (2G-3A) look to do some damage but will have to face the big D's and the rocketeers of the Shockers.

If your panties aren't wet from the video and my erotic-novel writing style, feast your eyes on some game time pictures, click here.

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