Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hamelin's Kicking the Habit

Last night, Shockers D-man, Francois Hamelin, held a very personal press conference to discuss his recent attempt to clean up from his long-term addiction to cocaine. According to Hamelin, the abuse was bad enough to affect his life and most importantly, his performance on the rinque.

"I never thought that I would get to this point," said Hamelin before he broke into tears.

Hamelin's recent admission explains his questionable behavior throughout his carreer in the NABHL. Last season, he freaked out on former teammate Nick Sullo during a game against the Chiefs after Sullo's stick nearly decapitated Hamelin. In the video below, you can see the enraged Hamelin, javolin toss Sullo's orphaned hockey stick and while the stick is still floating on cloud nine, Hamelin yells: "Get out of here! Get the fuck out of here!"

The next day, Sullo had temporarily quit the team before making a comeback as the 6th defense several games later, where he remained the rest of the season.

"He said he was sorry, and we came to terms about it down the road but I can't say that rage caught on video was 100% coke-related...maybe just like 95% of it," explained Hamelin.

Reporters asked if his addiction also accounted for his diving-around-the-rinque playing style, Hamelin shrugged off that remark simply by replying, "...that's just how I play, if you don't like it....get out of here! Get the f**k out of here!"

Hamelin, no stranger to the camera had been seen in various places with various people who are suspicious of cocaine use and abuse as well which undoubtedly proved that cocaine was a part of his lifestyle.

Hamelin seen here in his home office with a mountain of a questionable white powder.

Hamelin seen here with both Kostitsyn Brothers and all three have a suspicious white powder under their noses.

Although, Hamelin is kicking the bucket he does not plan to miss any games and vows that he will not be attending rehab as it cuts into his busy work-out schedule. He promises his team and fans that we will stay true to his word.

Come support Hamelin, this upcoming Monday as he and the Shockers take on the Warriors @ 6:30pm.

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  1. What a fraud!!!!! On the first pick I was obviously getting ready to bake a cake and on the second one I was enjoying a glass of milk with some Habs player...