Friday, February 13, 2009

Player Profile: Giancarlo "Hollywood Pépé" Capaz

* * * HOLLYWOOD PEPE * * *

Giancarlo “Hollywood Pépé” Capaz was born in 1979 in Roque de Pico, a small island off the Acores of Portugal. His mother, Fatima Zara, was also born there in the mid 50’s and has never set foot off the island. With only a few thousand souls on the island, she was forced to marry a local fisherman, Salgado Saco (Which would translate to Salty Sack). He was twice her age but a hard worker, dedicated, humble and great provider for his family. They lived a nice and quiet life by the seashore, but Fatima was still in quest of true romance, too often left alone for days and even weeks at a time; loneliness was taking over. July 1949, her prayers were answered while Salgado was out at sea for a couple days. A crew ship made a stop in Roque de Pico, that’s when she meet a stud that would change her life. She ended up in a torrid love affair with Ettore Boiardi (Better known as Chef Boyardee) and got pregnant from that love affair. This caused quite a bit of turmoil with Salgado since he had been identified as sterile. Mr. Saco was such a good Samaritan, he treated the new born like his own. GC grew up on the island but didn’t want to spend his life there, fishing wasn’t for him.

He took a chance and moved to Hollywood and did a few auditions to become an actor. After a few refusals, he made it! Made it to the big times and became the idol of many teens when he starred on the hit series Beverly Hills 90210. His boyish good looks brought him to the craziest parties, mingling with high society and living life in the fast lane. Often seen in wild night clubs with former friend David Hasseloff where they would drink themselves to the verge of insanity. After a few seasons it caught up to him. The party life slowly turned his body into a disaster; the cocaine and drinking binges made him irritable to a level where nobody wanted to hangout with him, not even the Hoff.

He started a boy band to turn his career around. “The Nash” never made it to big scene, mostly stuck lip-synching in strip malls of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hollywood Pépé was starting to get low on cash; the Courvoisier and Cocaine parties were things from the past. He resulted in mostly drinking Colt45 and taking hits from the bong in the back of his van.

GC had reached the bottom of the barrel, spending his days watching Canuck’s game on his 12” TV. He took his van and decided to drive it until the engine would die, that’s how he ended up in the east end of Montreal. Getting a job as a dishwasher at the “Douche Bar” seemed to be the worst job ever for him but in fact, that’s where the Shockers were making the draft of the first edition of the team. GC took his first paycheck and bought himself a secondhand goalie equipment to become goaltender for the Shocker’s. His spectaculars saves earned a generous long term contract and GC “Hollywood Pépé” his back in the limelight.

Fans can’t wait to see him back in action next Monday @ 8:30 when the Shocker’s play their first game of the Winter ‘09 edition.

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