Friday, January 9, 2009

Player Profile: Alain Godard

It's that time again where you get to know your favorite Shocker! This week's spotlight is on the captain, the big dog himself, Alain Godard.

Godard was born and raised in Rigaud, Quebec and spent most of his childhood out on the rink. His mother was a classic stay-at-home mother who waited for her bundle of joy to return from school everyday. While their relationship was a tight knit one between Alain and his mother, it began to grow sour around the age of 8 when Alain picked up a hockey stick for the first time and traded in making macaroni art for serious pick-up hockey games with his friends.

Alain's mother was an aspiring artist, she dreamed of being famous and was often accused of having wild visions of grandeur. Her paintings were featured all over Rigaud, in restaurants, bakeries and even city hall but she never made it big outside the town. She continued to paint even after marriage and having kids but lost ambition in her lust for fame.

Alain's father was a blacksmith who believed that one day knights in shining armour would make an eventual comeback as most fashion trends did. He soaked much of his time and effort in perfecting the art of fashioning swords, maces, morning stars and various pieces of medievel armour. His business venture did not take off the way he had planned and in result forced Alain and his brother to work at a neighbouring farm to raise money for the family and for his addiction for large cast-iron hammers. In the late 80's and early 90's is when Alain's father saw the light, he melted all the weaponry he had made over the past decade and started to build railroad tracks for CN and was later promoted to Director of CN - Rigaud division. Alain's father was on top of the world and beleived he could even be the mayor of Rigaud. In 1993, Alain's father ran for office and unfortunately lost to local rival Hugo Tremblay in a land-slide vote. He had underestimated that the railroad project that ran through the heart of Rigaud had not been a popular project as it started to bring in more people from other towns and cities, that "were not well respected." His devastating lost to Tremblay sent him into a downward spiral into a deep depression. He began to drink and make rash decisions while under the influence, including a decision that would change Alain's life forever.

Alain was sent packing to Montreal, QC by his father. His father gave him 24 hours to pack his bags and to get on a train and not look back to Rigaud. His father insisted that there was no life for his son there and demanded that he begin his new life in a hockey city, a city like Montreal.

Once in Montreal, Alain became friends with Francois Hamelin and Ben Ducharme. The three played hockey on the streets but never took it more serious than pick-up games until the day they faced the snotting English kids who had moved into his neighbourhood. The English kids were good, some had been rumoured to have been born with hockey sticks in their hands which left their mother's vaginas with irrepairable damage. This forced Godard, Hamelin and Ducharme to take their game to the next level.

A couple of years later, the Shockers organization was founded by Alain Godard and flourished into a dynasty-in-the-making and in the end, this is where you can find Alain today. If he isn't giving his pep talk before the game, he is blazing to the net and scoring highlight reel goals.

Please enjoy a clip of the man himself.

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