Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not Feeling the Blues Anymore!

Alain Godard, Andrew Stevens and Giancarlo Capaz who are currently finishing off their season with their division one team, the Blues, are sitting back with big smiles today as they played a huge role in last night's 4-3 victory over the Outlaws.

Godard notched his 14th goal of the season to put his team ahead early in the third only to have it taken away moments later when a defensive breakdown caused the tying goal. With time winding down, Stevens jumped on the rinque with 1:06 left in the game to setup a Daniel Balenzano game-winning goal. Capaz was stellar making the huge key saves in the dying minute of the game where the Outlaws poured on the attack and even pulling their goaltender to give them an edge. Capaz notably made the biggest save of the game late in the third where a three on one attack was shutdown by a sprawling Capaz who was able to get a hand on the ball.

"The guy stuttered a step and it threw me off, I was expecting the shot and then he cut in through the middle. I was already down and out but somehow I got my blocker hand on it and didn't give out a rebound," added Capaz.

Godard, who has a howitzer of a shot, has been expected the shoot more and it paid off in last night's game where he blasted one past the goaltender in the third. When Godard was asked if the fans can expect more of these kinds of goals, he simply replied: "probably so."

Stevens who has been trying to stay consistent on the score sheet has been setting up plays that have been turning points for the Blues and last night was no exception where he setup the game-winner. "I just got out there and next thing I know the ball is on my stick. I looked to take the shot but something told me to dish it to Varano. I usually don't play with Varano and Danny so I'm not used to their passing plays, but next thing I know is Varano passes it to Danny for the one-timer and it was in the net. It all happened really fast!" describes Stevens of the winning play.

It is no secret that the Shockers will have great potential this upcoming season with Godard, Stevens and Capaz on the team but we cannot ignore last minute additions, Steve Diabo and Jonathan Sante upfront. However, look for the defense to jump in the play where we might expect Marc "The Butcher" Boucher and Jeff "Get Out of the Way" Jasmin to show up on the score sheet.

"Watch out for the black guys!" exclaimed Jasmin referring to himself and defensive partner Greg Emmanuel.

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