Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Beginnings

With just two games left in the regular season of the NABHL Winter season for the division one team, the Blues; Andrew Stevens, team Captain, Alain Godard and star goaltender Giancarlo Capaz are excited to enter a new chapter in their ball hockey careers.

"I'm really pumped up to see how we measure up in division two after playing a season in division one," Stevens mentioned in pre-game interview.

"I know the summer season isn't too far away and I have to keep my head on straight for the Blues but to feel the energy from the guys who are part of the Shockers and being involved in the building process of the team, I feel a lot more part of [the Shockers]," added Stevens.

Stevens and Godard who are paired on the "Flying Frenchmen" line for the Blues, have shown great numbers throughout the winter season combining for 19 goals and 25 assists in just 14 games. However, the numbers are expected to be greater when they drop down to division two, Godard added, "we're just looking for the 'W' and it doesn't matter who puts the ball in the net, those are just stats...for hockey pools and stuff like that."

The Blues will look to snap a three game losing streak when they take on the rough and tough Outlaws today at 7:30pm at Le Rinque. They will then cap off their season on Sunday, May 25th, against a team breathing in new life, the Pelicans, who the Blues have struggled against as of late posting two losses that come in the way of a shootout.

"We're struggling really bad defensively lately and we'll need to snap out of this rut before we get in the playoffs," noted Capaz, whose performance has been stellar despite his 7.66 goals against average in the past three games.

As the remaining Shockers sit on the sidelines for now, the team has still be holding regular practices to keep everyone conditioned for the upcoming season.

"We want to get in shape because the summer season is a new ball game and we want to be ready for whatever the teams are going to throw at us," states Godard.

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