Friday, February 5, 2010

Never Commit!

"Never commit!" is all Carlo Varano had to say after he chipped home the game-winning goal with just 57 seconds left in the game last night against the Underdogs.

Underdogs, who play a tight defensive game, narrowly beat the Shockers at the beginning of the season 3-2, but the Shockers had big plans to spoil the party this time around. "We were somehow predicted to win on the PTM site but we all knew that we HAD to win. Every point means something now so we got to steal them where we can get them," commented goaltender Giancarlo Capaz.

Capaz, who literally saved the day once again for the Shockers held strong and made huge saves throughout the game but especially in the 2nd where the Shockers looked flat and even ran into a bit of penalty trouble.

The Shockers rolled with the usual line-ups up front of Varano-Minkiewicz-Rossi and Stevens-Ducharme-Godard but did try something new with the defensive pairings when it came to special teams. "We had to try something new. Hockey in general, a lot of the powerplay success comes from an organized back-end so we needed to make sure to get good firepower on the points. At the same time, we needed to make sure to keep an energetic and ball-aggressive pair out there on the PK," chattered el capitaino, Francois Hamelin.

The game didn't start off well for the Shockers as they went down 1-0 quickly within the first shift of the game. "I don't think anyone was expecting that," Mike Minkiewicz explained.

With a quick change of the lines, the Shockers leveled the playing field by notching one of their own. Alain Godard's howitzer went high, hit the back boards and jumped out at the goalie who couldn't handle the hot ball. Andrew Stevens was right on the doorstep to tap it in. "You don't get those kind of goals often, it was a real gift," Stevens chuckled.

Not too long after, the Shockers got on the powerplay and faster than the Underdogs got in the box, Gary McDermott let a howitzer go from the point and fist-pumped his 2nd of the season to give the Shockers a 2-1 edge. "They gave me enough space to shoot, I just wanted to keep it low to get a rebound but it was already in the back of the net," McDermott replayed to the press.

The second period was fairly weak for the Shockers, like usual, and they looked very passive against the Underdogs' attacks. It did take a little more than 15 minutes for the 'dogs to get a winning combination but they finally tied up the game.

The third period was rather back and forth and really looked like it could be anyone's game especially when Minkiewicz rang one of the post, the dogs came back the other way and hit the post as well in the same shift. The game looked like it was going to OT but Carlo Varano, who didn't give the defense any freedom to pass the ball out, intercepted a lazy pass and chipped it on net. Too hot to handle, the ball was in with just 57 seconds left. "Carlo had been talking about never committing to one angle of a pass because you can easily fool the player to passing to the other side but mentally you will be ready for it and then look what this guy does! Does exactly that!" Rossi explained.

With that win, the Shockers move up to tied for 8th with Kennedy Crew. The Shockers do have a decent schedule ahead and could potentially walk away with a few more 'W's. More news to come next week!

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