Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hitmen Destroy Shockers

Final Score
Hitmen 7
Shockers 1

This past week has been a rather disappointing week for the Shockers as they suffered their second lost in a span of a week. The latest is the huge loss against the first place Hitmen by the score of 7-1.

Hitmen have been rolling over most teams this season and the Shockers were another knotch on the bedpost. They have excellent positioning in their defensive zone, an offensive unit with a good amount of depth and superb passing throughout the whole team. At most parts of the game they made the Shockers look like they were not even running anymore which made it an easy victory for the Hitmen.

The Shockers will have to regroup for this Saturday's game against the Iron Wolves (4-7-2) as the battle is in full-swing for a playoff spot with only 7 games left in the regular season. Regrouping might be a hard thing for the team to do with some core players out of the line-up. Francois Hamelin, Marc Boucher and Greg Emmanuel have confirmed to be healthy scratches and Frankie Ortuso is still most likely out with his groin injury. There have been no confirmations as to who will be filling in the voids.

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