Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Final Score
Shocker 6 - Blazers 5

Le Rinque hosted a farm-burner of a game last night where the Shockers (2-1-1) took on the league favorite, Blazers (2-1-0), for the first and only time this season. Let's just say the Shockers pulled through but it was definitely a battle of the titans. The game started off rather harmless but emotions took over and the game turned into a heated affair really quickly. It seemed like every time someone went to the net they had to expect to be involved in a pushing and trash talking dual and if someone was going into the corner with the defenseman, they might just jump into the boards to try instigate penalties. The Shockers bench kept their cool and in the end, they walked away with the 'W'.

A positive note about the game is despite all the rough and toughness of the game, the fancy-footed forward, Nick Sullo, did not have to make a visit to the penalty box. He currently leads the team and is tied for second in the league for the most penalty minutes (6 mins).

Shockers showed that they could play a solid game with or without goaltending sensation, Giancarlo Capaz, as they brought in back-up ball-stopper, Chuck Ghazarian. Ghazarian made key saves on the upclose and personal one-on-one's to keep the Shockers ahead but he also saw some stealthy shots that found their way through and into the back of the net. "I was a bit nervous for my first game, I wish I could have a couple of those goals back," mentioned Ghazarian at the end of the game. Ghazarian may be called up for next weeks game against the Ratz as Capaz might still be out of action.

It is no doubt that one of the biggest surprises so far this season is none other than defensive enforcer, Jeff Jasmin, who has demonstrated excellent man-to-man coverage and defensive play, he showed that he can move up with the ball to help offensively and now he has something else to add to his resumé, goal scorer. That's right! Jasmin picked up his first goal of the season during the second period in last night's game.

Speaking of goal scoring, last night also extended the point streaks for both Diabo brothers. Steve picked up a goal, an assist and if trash-talking scored on a points system, he pocketed a bunch of those points too. Chris, the most recent acquisition for the Shockers who has been immediate success thus far added to his point total by netting two goals.

Next game is against the Ratz (3-1-0) and should be quite the challenge for the Shockers as they are a younger team that is quick and have excellent perimeter passing. If the ball is out of their possession though, the Shockers should be fine to bury their chances.

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